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    Thursday, April 30, 2009


    Product of their sanity

    spitfire in my chest and a hole where my heart used to be

    the days come back slowly sometimes when you don’t need them to

    and fall like waves upon sand.

    no sugar coating on these words.

    no sweetness in it

    yet so tasteful it lingers on my taste buds

    that sweet smoke is hibernating in my lungs relaxing every nerve wrapped around these shaking hands


    what makes you so special dear?

    I’m just wondering and clamoring to muster an answer

    hey, by the way.

    Did you know i found my place?

    And confidence too?

    With it came karma and what i truly deserved

    Did you know that i found my light in distant eyes?

    of course not, you never ask

    but thats alright, ill keep my small victories to myself

    Hearts On Ice

    too quick to say sorry

    to fast to forgive

    all i want is for the world to love me

    when everything i do for it says “i hate you”

    why did this winter get so cold on me?

    Even though i’m cold

    i’ll still love you when were scraping change together to pay in pennies

    counting them out on the counter for the world to see

    i hope they tell us keep your coins and show me change

    because the change that will be made is that no matter how cold i get

    my smile will still melt the world

    and yours will be the only one that can melt my cold heart

    Will I?

    amoun​t to somet​hing one day?
    will i do somet​hing great​?​
    will i matte​r to someo​ne?​

    these​ are the types​ of thing​s i ponde​r
    along​ with the rest of today​s youth​

    were not all wasti​ng space​ like they say
    …i mean,​ we can’​t be.​.​.​ a life can’​t be a waste​.​.​.​right​


    The first day I looked up into your baby blues when you dropped your celebrity, I had no idea what was across that ocean I started to sail in that moment. When your warm hand touched mine to thank me I had no idea I was shaking hands with my match. Miss Fatal Attraction, meet Mr. Sweetly Cunning, ‘til death do you intertwine as long as you both shall sway. Who knew that hand could cause such shock waves. You’ve always been just around the corner and 5 years ahead and i’ve been watching you through one way glass for some time now, plotting revenge of the hips. I had no idea it would actually happen. Call it chance and a change of events but something in the cosmos wanted Miss fatal attraction to meet her match-stick a thermometer in my mouth and I’m burning up like the fire it ignites, burning up and away into the stars. They just wanted to see how we’d stack up, to see how long we’d last, to see just how long it took and how many people we’d go through before we finally ended up together.

    you're a sly one, mr. drench

    somewhere far back in my memory

    i’m on a tire swing back on that old hickory tree

    with the tan house in front

    and your guiding hands push me through the air

    who was i to take stock in this memory, who was i to know whats fair

    when i was young you were my angel

    looking after me

    now looking back at all this i still cry when i hear a mother say sweet pea

    as i grew older, i shook hands with a monster

    who claimed you as his own

    and then when the red blurring lights whirred away

    they took you and left me all alone

    and its sad to feel the hatred that i have against this fight

    but its this very war i wage that will some day take your life

    and its sad i have to build up to this

    and say my goodbyes now

    but this hesitation to bring the words to lips

    but its as much emotion as i can stand to allow

    Name Drop- Jason Mraz, Plane

    You honestly don’t understand

    I got so lost within a melody

    just sitting on clouds, i take that back, my head was the only thing in it

    but you were there too

    i so badly want to write down every move we make

    but it is so hard to admit we just don’t fit the way i’ve seen it done


    When people get mad and say horrible things to each other and they yell and that’s it. After the explosion and all the horrible things said, most times they will talk it out, take it back and sat they didn’t mean it. But that’s the thing, at one point they did mean it from somewhere inside of them, so why take what is finally off your chest back? The words are out there, just own them already

    kidnap ransom- for all its worth

    I thought it might be easier this way if I just left unbeknownst by you, slipping out the side door to be undetected. But this is the way you go out, like a flame in a lighter. I watch you burn. Just as quckly off as on. I’m sorry I betrayed my conscious (just because it is doesn’t mean it should be) but this time when l looked in your eyes I didn’t see you anymore. Don’t worry darling, Your my next issued apology. These ashes in my lap look a bit like how we’ll end. So on this long lonely drive home I’ll let the ashes sift through my fingers out the window into the cold night, just like my thoughts about you. Into the darkess in a place I’ll never return. I’m sorry you loved me, but you know I hit the ground running. Maverick mind and harlequin dreams. You can’t tie me down, I’m already so far out into that horizon you lost me where the sky meets the pavement. Maybe it was my eyes you got lost in and I was the one you couldn’t see anymore. criscross, the love was lost, I’m gone baby gone as I usher in our loves swan song

    scars and stripes

    A coil just unwound in me and it’s not like I have this need to go amymore, but a desperate want because it is what others have. Accuse me of envy, and I’ll say not of feeling but being. Everyone tells me it will be ok and we’ll get through, like they think at somepoint I’ll stop living or something, like this lively body will wear down with the force of age before my time. Your pity is only for show anyway. Don’t look at me like you’re sorry and don’t say that phrase that is engraved in my bones, all these words instilled in my skeleton for life, but I can’t complain- it is those words that made me grow and built up these joints to run and yet at the same time stand strong. Tough skin on the outside of this frame etched up with words