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    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    kidnap ransom- for all its worth

    I thought it might be easier this way if I just left unbeknownst by you, slipping out the side door to be undetected. But this is the way you go out, like a flame in a lighter. I watch you burn. Just as quckly off as on. I’m sorry I betrayed my conscious (just because it is doesn’t mean it should be) but this time when l looked in your eyes I didn’t see you anymore. Don’t worry darling, Your my next issued apology. These ashes in my lap look a bit like how we’ll end. So on this long lonely drive home I’ll let the ashes sift through my fingers out the window into the cold night, just like my thoughts about you. Into the darkess in a place I’ll never return. I’m sorry you loved me, but you know I hit the ground running. Maverick mind and harlequin dreams. You can’t tie me down, I’m already so far out into that horizon you lost me where the sky meets the pavement. Maybe it was my eyes you got lost in and I was the one you couldn’t see anymore. criscross, the love was lost, I’m gone baby gone as I usher in our loves swan song

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