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    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    [[my attempt to break block]]

    sun streaks through dusty air
    good morning, haven't seen you in a while
    where have you been?
    why have you just been sitting here collecting dust?
    remember those times we used to run straight through everything that was marked caution?
    those were the days
    but while i still hide behind these bars they put up
    you kept running, right on through
    with enough momentum that you knocked yourself right out of this life
    and into a new one i can't even comprehend
    while i sit here watching you break those walls
    i smolder in jealousy
    they tied ropes around it to hold it in
    and i just keep pulling them and tearing through them
    and maybe just for now thats enough for me
    while i sit
    in jealousy.