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    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Things I'll Never Understand

    If a friend hurts you so much, then why do you hang on to them and keep them around? Why even still consider them a friend?

    If someone you love hurt you so badly why would you come crawling back to them? Along with if someone doesn’t want you, why would you beg them to keep it going?

    If you hate something so much, stop complaining and stop doing it.

    If you have to question something a many times why are you going to do it? if you can be certain enough with yourself enough to do something, then don’t.

    If you think about it and are scared to do something, then it is not truly bravery at all. Real bravery is when you mindlessly go through with it because you sincerely care about it/ person you are doing it for.

    If you aren’t happy, why aren’t you changing something?

    People follow this set path in front of them, but that is not what life is about. Take a step back, think of everything in the universe, the stars, the planets, the elements, and now think about what you are doing. Sitting doing homework, debating what designer you need, what gadget, what makeup, you need to impress…someone. But that isn;t what it is about… I don’t have the answer of what it IS about, but all I can tell you is that you will have to go find the answers yourself.

    One last thing I can’t understand, on a personal level, is that I love you, and you can’t see it.

    Reader discretion is: advised/revised.

    I believe that you feel the same for me because of the way we laugh together, the way we dance, the childish things we do because we can, the way you touched my face,
    the way we wrap ourselves around one another
    Warm on a cold hard floor
    “oh” the price I’d pay to be back on that ONE defining day
    It gave me a new idea of my own perfect
    It has nothing to do with the ideogrammatic alphabets that pop up on a crystalized electronic screen.
    The binary code that leads to where you are
    You’re my ONE, my “oh”
    Get here. Be here. Stay here.
    If only my dear, if only - i need you so much closer
    Your just a punk that’s daft
    And I’m simply a pretty young thing lace up in finger webbing
    Caught between two bodies of a hidden kiss
    Send me spinning, drunk off your lips
    But it’s your turn now
    I hope you get drunk off rum tonight and spill your heart to me and spill the truth
    Be on the other end of this dry spell
    I need you to know I care
    Ill tell you I think about you everyday
    And send you love notes and gifts to show you how much you mean to me
    But I’m not at all receiving
    Now I’m in a corner from your withdrawl
    Pale and blue and small like the dot that brought me to you
    -I’ll show you chills
    Everyone you love, every problem, every war on that dot
    I’ll wage that war
    -against face. about face. This war gets harder to fight, and things get worse when you’re not around
    But go back to your drinks and your tongue with a caution sign that reads: slippery when wet
    And I’ll heave for a taste of your “oh”; my ONE and only “oh”
    It’s obvious between bottles; clearer than their glass
    And here comes the pain like shards in skin when they smash