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    Monday, January 18, 2010

    I’ve posted my old writing on here

    from past months and such

    but it’s all so sad

    and I’m not sad anymore.

    Nowhere, Illinois

    On the drive home I battled it out and won against myself, the winning side decided the odds were stacked against us but god dammit I'll fight for you.
    I've never met such a labrynth of a mind I've wanted to get lost in.
    I've never had anyone so enticing, so captivating, so intriguing in front of me.
    I've only ever wanted to touch, I've never wanted to feel a mind mold to my hands as much as I want yours.
    You talk about the world and the heavens and it's philosophies of feeling so small, but you darling are the one who makes me feel miniscule.
    I'm terrified that you make me want to spend forever with you. No one has ever done that to me.
    A second chance or love forlorn?
    A shoulder that's cold or a hand that's warm?

    Crystal Castles

    The girls who could love you are locked away in their hidden castle towers,
    aquiring knowledge far beyond life, in no need of saving.
    No distress but damsels nonetheless.
    While the girls who dig your graves are out building up the strength to carry all that dirt,
    the girls who deserve the love patiently wait and hold our breath.

    1's and 0's

    I believe that you feel the same fore me because of the way we laugh together, the way we dance, the childish things we do because we can, the way you touch my face, the way we wrap ourselves around one another. It has nothing to do with the ideogrammatic alphabets that pop up on a crystalized electronic screen.

    You, yes you. Need to stop being so adorable

    "Let me silhouette your body with my fingertips, and write soft letters on the small of your back with burning hands, and when the sentences span your entire frame ill take a step back and sigh affectionately before I start punctuating all the sentences rolling across your soul with kisses."


    You're caught between two run away trains
    She's beautiful and volitale
    And I'm just a wreck
    Oh and the wreck falls for the mind!
    I fall for anyone who entices my mind, sends me off spinning into an oblivion of mind fuck
    Ah! And there is my answer all in one! Equally as it spills off the page as it reels in my mind
    Any boy who captures my mind, in turn captures my soul, gets me wrapped entirely and lays me down into a pit of hurt
    From one heart break to the next with a cracking of a new cavern of my mind in between
    The shipwreck of my mind


    You're so proud of me and hold me under a beacon
    And it swings and splits into two
    those headlights and snow banks have never looked so tempting.