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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    sparrow no more

    so realizing that even though i have been given the world,
    the world that i have been given is only within their boundries,
    because its okay by them
    and i'll never be completely free

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    my heat is beeping

    i'm not sure why
    but i've always had a fascination
    with the war in Uganda and the child soldiers there
    ever since Fall Out Boy came out with the video for "Me and You"
    and Pete Wentz got really into it
    (i know its a very lame reason but hey, it's something)
    then my friend Alex gave me the Invisible Children movie, which i later passed on, and Jessica and I watched it
    I was captivated and just wanted to do something about it
    lately i've been thinking about how after college i want to join some kind of group and do humanities there against the war
    recently its just always in the back of my head
    i can't stop reading and thinking about it
    for the longest time i've been wanting to read something intelligent, other then teen love stories (hah)
    and could never find anything interesting
    but finally I'm interested

    [[i’ve always known i’ve wanted to do something greater with my life than just live it for myself, maybe this is what i’ve been looking for, and i’m just now realizing it]]

    edit: this ties in with not only me, but my connection with god and wanting to be something greater, and my music and how this organization has always been closely tied to it in that many musicians support this cause
    it's honestly one of my passions in life
    to go to Africa and see it and try to help it
    i've finally found some passion in my life besides music, and I'm really excited
    on april 25th i'll be doing an event with my friends
    i can't wait

    to finally be using my life for something other than just living
    and be something for someone else
    i know who matters will be proud when i do.

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    top 25

    i spent a lot of time on my top "25" things list.
    now i hate it.

    Monday, February 16, 2009


    [[Nothing comes as easy as you.
    Can I lay in your bed all day?
    I'll be your best kept secret
    And your biggest mistake.]]
    [[Turn off the lights and turn off the shyness
    Cause all of our moves make up for the silence
    To the love, I left my conscience pressed
    Between the pages of the Bible in the drawer
    "What did it ever do for me" I say

    And oh, the way your makeup stains my pillowcase
    Like I'll never be the same]]

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    Fab Times.

    Can't Please Everyone
    Can't Please Anyone
    I'm in it for myself
    you better hold on
    to me now
    because baby,
    in just a short while,
    I'll be gone.
    I'm leaving you
    not my dreams
    dead end town
    dead end hearts
    This is it
    this is the part where
    i turn and run
    told you i'd break you
    and you know how i
    love to be right.
    Can't Win
    Can't Fight
    Can't Lose

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009


    maybe its just because i can't find my balance
    but all i want is you?
    forever and right now can be two very different things but
    they can also be the same
    when found in a person.
    for now, they are separate.

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    50+75-200+117 things about me (REBEL!)

    this should be on facebook.
    but i didnt want to be a follower.
    so i just copied alanna and put mine on blogspot.
    1) i'm going to study abroad in London in college
    2) i work merch for a band called Urbanites
    3) I would never ever trade any of my friends, every one of them means the world to me and i've got a part of every one of them in me
    4) i only like to eat green apples
    5) i can't believe i actually met someone this wonderful who has honestly been everything i've ever asked for and does silly things like plays hide and seek with me i can laugh with be serious with be completely stupid with and makes me macaroni. this really could be something. were making each other better. WHOA TMI
    6) everyone has a band they hold dearest to them, like they feel this weird connection with, and it might not even be your favorite, but they just mean something different to you, and mine is THE CAB
    7) all my favorite places in the world are in chicago
    8) i've milked a cow. how many people can say that
    9) i only wear one other pair of jeans that arent skinny.
    10) i want to work for AP magazine one day
    11) nike dunks are my weakness
    12) one day i'd like to put all my blogs together into a book, but thats unoriginal
    13) my biggest dream is to sing on stage
    14) my biggest fear is driving off a bridge
    15) i was named after marilyn monroe in an odd way
    16) i want several tattoos
    17) if i could marry my macbook....i would
    18) its always the people you least expect that save you
    19) i usually tell myself i dont need anyone
    20) i don't trust anyone
    21) i pretty much say i'm going to marry someone different every day.
    22) this summer i hope to go to FL, CA, TX and other places that Warped might lead me to
    23) i want to live in the northshore when i grow up with my family
    24) i plan to move out to LA for sometime in my life when im older just so i can say i have
    25) when it's summer, i am at my best
    26) warped tour day is better than christmas, birthdays, and any other occasion COMBINED
    27) i care far too much wht people think
    28) i like to dress up.if you say you like my outfit, i've done my job. funny thing is, theres only one person i DONT dress up for and that person still thinks im dressing up when i dont. HAH.
    29) i love my music, just get over it. yeah i go to lots of shows, i know. its what i do, seriously. just get over it.
    30) lonestar girls are crazy. and fabulous
    31) why stop at 25 when you can just use this to get what you wanna say out
    32) say what you want. damnit...oops.
    33) my room= my sanctuary, youre really lucky if youre granted access
    34) blah blah blah posters.
    35) i've seen over 100 bands but thats not counting multiples...especially fall out boy.
    36) i wish at 11:11
    37) i collect ticket stubs
    38) if i had a fab camera i would take it absolutely everywhere and capture everything about my life, especially my friends. so that they could see themselves through my eyes and just how beautiful they all are in different ways
    39) i have a very nasaly chicago accent. so do you. and i speak really fast, especially when im with my best friend. but we dont notice.
    40) i am obsessed with: sisky business (pretty much the business brothers in gernal) alex marshall, alex gaskarth, shaant, bryce avary, mitchell davis. i plan on marrying them all, (see, told you)...oh yeah, and hannah beth. but im not going to marry her.
    42) i own far too many jac vanek bracelets. but i still want more, how embarrassing.