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    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    Remember December

    You’re caught between two run away trains
    She’s beautiful and volitale
    And I’m just a wreck
    Oh and the wreck falls for the mind!
    I fall for anyone who entices my mind, sends me off spinning into an oblivion of mind fuck
    Ah! And there is my answer all in one! Equally as it spills off the page as it reels in my mind
    Any boy who captures my mind, in turn captures my soul, gets me wrapped entirely and lays me down into a pit of hurt
    From one heart break to the next with a cracking of a new cavern of my mind in between
    The shipwreck of my mind


    I can’t put my finger on it

    everything is blending together

    these nights are getting harder to face

    the wee morning hours thoughts eat my common sense

    and pride

    The only thing that tastes new is old

    I’m too terrified to even mention….

    I keep all these thoughts inside my head

    All this change has got me cashing in

    I’m only finding myself richer

    fingers crossed, eyes squeezed shut

    now don’t spend it all in one place

    oh rye ann

    I can’t sleep
    Spots of color are starting to appear under my eyelids
    As the thoughts that haunt me creep into my mind with the black that is the wee early morning hours
    The color bleeds onto my pillow as I cling to the empty side of the mattress, your side, and I hope if I push myself into the dark hard enough some part of you will seep out of the hollow your body made next to where I lay,
    where we laid night after night disussing our dreams and where the universe ends
    Discussing the seasons according to the moon
    And the brilliant colors of nebulas
    The same colors that appear right behind my eyelids
    Squeezing them hard enough that the colors blend to make out your figure next to me in the dark
    And now, I can finally sleep

    Dark side of the moon

    These holes my friends have dug
    The craters they have filled after the bombs went off
    The ripped and torn roads that his nails left in my back just looking to be traveled
    Warm and full of safe fire
    But fire ends where an ocean begins
    I always find my ocean current tongue at high tide with you. The moon has to reciprocate some time…he can’t just pull and pull forever, can he? How many words can the current give before there is no more left?


    Give time, time. Lose your emotional baggage. Be trusting but not naive. Stay grounded. Be nice to ordinary people. Be your own wo/man. Don't always act your age. Make happiness a habit. Injuries in sand, kindness in marble. Keep on keeping on. Be less critical. Say it to the face or not at all. Take only serious things seriously. BE BIGGER THAN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE. Never sell yourself short. Fall in love and stay there. Should ->must.
    God knows when I hold my breath I end up turning blue
    Every night i patch up the hole in my chest where many have dug from with sewed up dreams so that my heart doesn’t fall out while I sleep
    Lock me up in that little wooden house
    So that my soul can sink into the floorboards
    And watch over you when I’m not there
    Find me between matrreses and mahogany
    Sparking lights fall and the hollow of the guitar sound
    A resounding hum
    Like my head on your chest where gravity pulls me futher into the dark
    Wear my grooves thin like the records you play over and over
    I don’t mind
    Spinning around and round on turntables like emeralds in my mind
    Taking down everything around us so the scales don’t tip
    It seems too right so everything else must look wrong to compensate

    It seems that things never change and boys are all the same

    Sunrise in the east


    I don’t quite understand.
    You tell me I love you too much, and shy away from everything that I have to offer.
    You tell me I’m too intense and I put too much into you
    But after hours of fighting you do these small things that make me believe differently.
    The smallest ways of standing up for me, protecting me, sheltering me
    the little actions that still say “I Love You”
    Actions speak louder than words
    so either tie your words to bullhorns
    or stop unconsciously acting out to me.
    Because I see right through your stained glass words
    right to the brick underneath

    West Sunsets

    Consider yourself lucky because you’re my new inspiration.
    You push the ones who love you away so hard.
    What is learning pain if you can never learn to trust
    I’m guilty of hurting and disappointing you but it’s so hard to be open with you about my human mistakes when you push me away.
    One day I won’t come back.
    If you love me, you’ll be careful. Swallow your pride and just let me in.
    You’ll knock down these walls you’ve so avidly built
    You’ll show me the weak spots so I can kick the walls in
    They hurt you and fuck you up but don’t you know they’ll save you?
    Don’t you know you can’t do this alone
    That high horse of yours will die before you do
    Get down before it let’s you down too

    Diamonds on the left

    Shattered glass looks like diamonds too.
    You’re gone for weeks so
    I mark you by the moon
    Sink in your bed in my head
    A vision of you and me
    I miss you too much
    Can’t put my arms around a memory
    I wish you knew what it’s like to wake up next to you
    Warm bodies silent breathing
    You’ve made me some fool

    Diesel Jeans Campaign: Be Stupid

    Like balloons, we are filled with hopes and dreams
    But. Over time a single sentence creeps into our lives

    Dont be stupid.

    Its the crusher of possibility.
    Its the worlds greatest deflator.

    The world is full of smart people.
    Doing all kind of smart things…
    Thats smart.

    were with stupid.

    Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret free life.
    Smart may have the brains…
    but stupid has the balls.

    The smart might recognize
    things for how they are.
    The stupid see things for how they could be.

    Smart critiques.
    Stupid creates.

    The fact is
    if we didnt have stupid thoughts
    wed have no interesting thoughts at all

    Smart may have the plans…
    but stupid has the stories.

    Smart may have the authority
    but stupid has one hell of a hangover

    Its not smart to take risks…
    Its stupid.

    To be stupid
    is to be brave

    The stupid isnt afraid to fail.
    The stupid know there are worse things than failure…
    like not even trying.

    Smart had one good idea,
    and that idea was stupid.

    You cant outsmart stupid.
    So dont even try.

    only stupid can be truly


    Deadly Sin

    How does pride taste?

    Oh wait, you wouldn’t know

    Because just like virgin, you can’t swollow

    Pride cannot hold your hand or keep you warm at night

    Pride will not tell you it loves you

    You can’t wrap your arms around pride

    If pride were a man

    And oh, it certainly would be,

    It would be cold and bitter

    But it balances out like all your gold on a scale versus my dreams

    No one loves pride

    No one wants to spend time with pride

    God himself hates pride

    Unless you wish to share success stories with the devil, I suggest you take a heaping spoonful of pride And let it slide down your throat Hot sticky and sweet