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    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    West Sunsets

    Consider yourself lucky because you’re my new inspiration.
    You push the ones who love you away so hard.
    What is learning pain if you can never learn to trust
    I’m guilty of hurting and disappointing you but it’s so hard to be open with you about my human mistakes when you push me away.
    One day I won’t come back.
    If you love me, you’ll be careful. Swallow your pride and just let me in.
    You’ll knock down these walls you’ve so avidly built
    You’ll show me the weak spots so I can kick the walls in
    They hurt you and fuck you up but don’t you know they’ll save you?
    Don’t you know you can’t do this alone
    That high horse of yours will die before you do
    Get down before it let’s you down too

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