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    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    I’m laying awake and still so you won’t wake up and leave me
    I like just watching you sleep but like it even more when you wake up just long enough to pull me closer.
    I want to be brave like your spine that so dangerously walks the path between the blades of your shoulder, so sharp and angled to perfection
    I want to be the two folds behind your ear to hear your secrets and be that much closer to getting in your head
    I want to be your pointed smile, the grin that had an arrow aimed straight to my heart
    I want to be the hair that falls in your eyes when you flip through a dusty book
    I want to be the chills on your arms in the breezy nights so I may be under your skin
    I want to be your talented, graceful hands to just be a part of you, to feel what you feel
    I want to be your ribs that jut out from your skin to be close to your heart and have to responsibility of keeping it safe and warm
    I want to be the green in your eyes that sees the world in ways I’ll never know
    Maybe I’m lucky to be me…just to know what it’s like to love you
    Why can’t the roles be reversed?
    You could hang on my every word
    You’d dream of me while you sleep
    Reach for the empty pillow wishing it was me
    You’d beg to keep me as your own
    Wishing, waiting up, gripping that phone
    You’d hint to comitt
    And Id brush it away
    In silence we’d sit
    id drop his name everyday
    And if you want to know the truth,
    This isn’t easy to say,
    You and I wouldn’t work any other way

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010


    Hurt feelings

    heated ceilings

    I’ve got a bone to pick with you

    you dance around these problems

    I wont be the one to solve them

    Avoidance is what you do

    Yellow Bruises

    Calling truces

    I could only wish on stars

    I’ll open my mouth

    but three words wont come out

    For this I’ll brandish scars

    Back to the game

    it’ll always be the same

    If only I was brave enough to confront

    She still calls you at night

    Bleeding shins and my bight

    I hate that girl, I call her a….

    you’re still in love with her, its keeping your from me.

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    Remember December

    You’re caught between two run away trains
    She’s beautiful and volitale
    And I’m just a wreck
    Oh and the wreck falls for the mind!
    I fall for anyone who entices my mind, sends me off spinning into an oblivion of mind fuck
    Ah! And there is my answer all in one! Equally as it spills off the page as it reels in my mind
    Any boy who captures my mind, in turn captures my soul, gets me wrapped entirely and lays me down into a pit of hurt
    From one heart break to the next with a cracking of a new cavern of my mind in between
    The shipwreck of my mind


    I can’t put my finger on it

    everything is blending together

    these nights are getting harder to face

    the wee morning hours thoughts eat my common sense

    and pride

    The only thing that tastes new is old

    I’m too terrified to even mention….

    I keep all these thoughts inside my head

    All this change has got me cashing in

    I’m only finding myself richer

    fingers crossed, eyes squeezed shut

    now don’t spend it all in one place

    oh rye ann

    I can’t sleep
    Spots of color are starting to appear under my eyelids
    As the thoughts that haunt me creep into my mind with the black that is the wee early morning hours
    The color bleeds onto my pillow as I cling to the empty side of the mattress, your side, and I hope if I push myself into the dark hard enough some part of you will seep out of the hollow your body made next to where I lay,
    where we laid night after night disussing our dreams and where the universe ends
    Discussing the seasons according to the moon
    And the brilliant colors of nebulas
    The same colors that appear right behind my eyelids
    Squeezing them hard enough that the colors blend to make out your figure next to me in the dark
    And now, I can finally sleep

    Dark side of the moon

    These holes my friends have dug
    The craters they have filled after the bombs went off
    The ripped and torn roads that his nails left in my back just looking to be traveled
    Warm and full of safe fire
    But fire ends where an ocean begins
    I always find my ocean current tongue at high tide with you. The moon has to reciprocate some time…he can’t just pull and pull forever, can he? How many words can the current give before there is no more left?