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    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    oh rye ann

    I can’t sleep
    Spots of color are starting to appear under my eyelids
    As the thoughts that haunt me creep into my mind with the black that is the wee early morning hours
    The color bleeds onto my pillow as I cling to the empty side of the mattress, your side, and I hope if I push myself into the dark hard enough some part of you will seep out of the hollow your body made next to where I lay,
    where we laid night after night disussing our dreams and where the universe ends
    Discussing the seasons according to the moon
    And the brilliant colors of nebulas
    The same colors that appear right behind my eyelids
    Squeezing them hard enough that the colors blend to make out your figure next to me in the dark
    And now, I can finally sleep

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