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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    my heat is beeping

    i'm not sure why
    but i've always had a fascination
    with the war in Uganda and the child soldiers there
    ever since Fall Out Boy came out with the video for "Me and You"
    and Pete Wentz got really into it
    (i know its a very lame reason but hey, it's something)
    then my friend Alex gave me the Invisible Children movie, which i later passed on, and Jessica and I watched it
    I was captivated and just wanted to do something about it
    lately i've been thinking about how after college i want to join some kind of group and do humanities there against the war
    recently its just always in the back of my head
    i can't stop reading and thinking about it
    for the longest time i've been wanting to read something intelligent, other then teen love stories (hah)
    and could never find anything interesting
    but finally I'm interested

    [[i’ve always known i’ve wanted to do something greater with my life than just live it for myself, maybe this is what i’ve been looking for, and i’m just now realizing it]]

    edit: this ties in with not only me, but my connection with god and wanting to be something greater, and my music and how this organization has always been closely tied to it in that many musicians support this cause
    it's honestly one of my passions in life
    to go to Africa and see it and try to help it
    i've finally found some passion in my life besides music, and I'm really excited
    on april 25th i'll be doing an event with my friends
    i can't wait

    to finally be using my life for something other than just living
    and be something for someone else
    i know who matters will be proud when i do.

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