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    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    scars and stripes

    A coil just unwound in me and it’s not like I have this need to go amymore, but a desperate want because it is what others have. Accuse me of envy, and I’ll say not of feeling but being. Everyone tells me it will be ok and we’ll get through, like they think at somepoint I’ll stop living or something, like this lively body will wear down with the force of age before my time. Your pity is only for show anyway. Don’t look at me like you’re sorry and don’t say that phrase that is engraved in my bones, all these words instilled in my skeleton for life, but I can’t complain- it is those words that made me grow and built up these joints to run and yet at the same time stand strong. Tough skin on the outside of this frame etched up with words

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