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    Thursday, April 30, 2009


    The first day I looked up into your baby blues when you dropped your celebrity, I had no idea what was across that ocean I started to sail in that moment. When your warm hand touched mine to thank me I had no idea I was shaking hands with my match. Miss Fatal Attraction, meet Mr. Sweetly Cunning, ‘til death do you intertwine as long as you both shall sway. Who knew that hand could cause such shock waves. You’ve always been just around the corner and 5 years ahead and i’ve been watching you through one way glass for some time now, plotting revenge of the hips. I had no idea it would actually happen. Call it chance and a change of events but something in the cosmos wanted Miss fatal attraction to meet her match-stick a thermometer in my mouth and I’m burning up like the fire it ignites, burning up and away into the stars. They just wanted to see how we’d stack up, to see how long we’d last, to see just how long it took and how many people we’d go through before we finally ended up together.

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