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    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    you're a sly one, mr. drench

    somewhere far back in my memory

    i’m on a tire swing back on that old hickory tree

    with the tan house in front

    and your guiding hands push me through the air

    who was i to take stock in this memory, who was i to know whats fair

    when i was young you were my angel

    looking after me

    now looking back at all this i still cry when i hear a mother say sweet pea

    as i grew older, i shook hands with a monster

    who claimed you as his own

    and then when the red blurring lights whirred away

    they took you and left me all alone

    and its sad to feel the hatred that i have against this fight

    but its this very war i wage that will some day take your life

    and its sad i have to build up to this

    and say my goodbyes now

    but this hesitation to bring the words to lips

    but its as much emotion as i can stand to allow

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