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    Saturday, December 5, 2009


    The clock pulses, counting down every beat until were done
    Even the man on the moon sang along to our symphonies
    I'm getting over the fact that youre just over me and no matter what I say that's always where you'll stand
    I know this is for the best for the real boy full of heart who loves me back home.
    That little glass heart of yours that you so proudly protect, yeah, I see straight through it.
    Like glitter in the gutter and rain on cinders
    Like sweating it out in the middle of winter
    My mind is stuck in a discordant rut
    Hanging on heart strings i'm desperate to cut
    You broke my heart in two
    I'd still do anything for you
    I'll love you while you sleep
    And like you when you wake
    But I'll keep coming back to you
    And deny your gift of heartbreak

    1 comment:

    J_Rad said...

    I rlly like this keep writing :)