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    Saturday, December 5, 2009


    Can you feel this, sweet D?
    I'm touching you but I'm not sure where you are or if you can feel it under all those facades, faces and fronts
    I wish you couldve seen the way I looked at you but you were too busy staring at the mirror
    Yeah you. Underneath all that product, the one you're selling yourself as, and the stuff on and in your head
    Underneath the label, the one you've plastered to youself and your albums are(n't) on
    Underneath the clothes that really aren't you
    Somewhere underneath all that is the one I fell for
    Just you
    Sometimes I wonder if you had a life before you were a b(r)and
    Because only once have I heard a story from when you were young or before this scene were both freeze framed in consumed you
    It's a shame you never made your wu to my bed
    I've still got it turned down for you
    But past the point of wanting anything but to tuck you in.
    Can you feel this, stupid D?
    Yes it's me, trying to get through to you, underneath it all.

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