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    Friday, December 4, 2009

    Karma Darling <3

    Here is our youth
    Settling into old bones and our wisdom is sinking into the crevaces of the creases that we dont have yet, only wish we did.
    Feel that age sinking in
    With every draw of smoke and pill popped
    I'm still listening to Brand New, I never liked them but closed my eyes and lulled away to them so that we fell asleep to the same notes
    I stopped feeding that impulse though
    Return me to pawn, just like a chess board
    Maybe I'll stop getting played if I'm
    Surrounded by knights and queens.
    Maybe I'll stop getting walked on if I'm made of brick and not dirt
    Like the path that surrounded the lake we walked around.
    Maybe you'll stop hurting me if I become the nurse who fixes you when your hearts broken
    Oh my young dear your heart can spring back, maybe not, you've got a few years on us
    That will teach you to mess with girls like us
    We bend and never break and we'll move onto the next music making youth filled charismatic boy
    While youll stay stuck on us and chistle us into eternal concrete of a song
    But you're the one who begged for material

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