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    Monday, December 7, 2009

    I won't let you ruin the music for me

    I won’t let you ruin the music for me

    Palahniuk and Mr. AZ go hand in hand on this one

    Why can’t I sweep the cold spring nights aside in my mind?

    Beaches and Bastards

    I wish I could count the times my head has taken me back to that first night spent in the dark with unfamiliar notes in my ear, like a record, I’m skipping

    And now that track in our symphony has been so overplayed, it is worn and cracking

    Darling, Monroe is in my name

    Rainy days and the harle[quin/m] curse

    How many times did I drive that same street begging for you into the early hours of sunrise?

    The things of modern fairy tales

    And i fell so hard to the soundtrack you created for us

    It hurt so badly and I hardly ever said a word to you

    Sitting next to waterfalls matching my summer red eyes

    Babe, we all fall in love with letters T and X

    Texas-kings and queens[you’re so lost in the scene]- hold’em

    But my story book takes place in parking lots and shopping malls,

    no castles or enchated forests here

    I wish i could run but your face is so broadcasted I can’t

    And now after dragging me along you reappear enough to make me question wha was and then like my car into the sunset and you into dark rooms, you vanish

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