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    Friday, January 9, 2009

    I'm one crazy B****

    he ended up burned.
    "I built the machine that almost destroyed me."

    so. about this whole LOVE business.
    lets put it this way, you dont understand what i meant
    in the sense i say, "i can't love",

    "every time she found something or someone
    in her possession, she would either
    a) lose interest and walk away
    b) find a reason it wouldn't work"
    -summer boys

    to everyone who reads this, im not trying to lash out and pretend i'm right.
    i know i am not.
    i believe that in seeing my faults, i'll one day understand
    but the only way you could
    is if you were me
    because i dont even understand what goes on in my mind
    you cannot force the heart what it does not want
    it is not about love as it is more about my use of the word as substitution for "relationships"
    i could find one if i really wanted
    but i wont stop until i find exactly what i want
    never settle

    i shouldnt even be posting this.
    im sorry if it seems like im lashing
    i just cant explain
    dont be offended
    im just speaking with my stream of conscience

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