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    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    I'm broken.

    any girl who saw that would immediately fall
    but ive lost my ability to love.
    my heart is broken, and will not work.
    i'm sorry.
    i don't know what
    i've got walls around me, no one can reach me.
    but why cant these words break it down
    one of my favorite people ever, biggest sweetheart i know, you have one hell of a head on your shoulders, maybe i'll be that person to understand you,
    who turns that down?
    i do.
    i'm broken.


    Lala said...

    if you want my words...
    i can give you them, but i know that it would be tough to deal with things that you may not want to hear.
    good OR bad.

    so i want to see you.

    i need to talk to you about something of myself too.
    so... just call me when you can


    DoYouFeel said...

    Dear Taylor,

    you're not borken...
    that's only an excuse

    if you keep telling yourself that you are broken then eventually YOU will become it.

    try telling yourself that you arent broken and that you CAN love...

    see what happens...
    maybe you could surprise yourself

    what he said to you...
    isn't easy to say
    boys don't just tell any girl that

    people are lucky to have someone who cares about them that much.

    some girls never hear those words.
    why pass something that good up?

    (just a friendly thought)

    love, your bestie =]

    Christina Bagladi said...

    loving isnt easy babe.
    i know right now it seems so hard and like you cant open up to new people and ever love. But, just remember, you cant predict love. Dont think of love as a word, or a title. think of it in context. WHat is love? Its a feeling undescribable. Right now i think your looking too hard for the Denotation of LOVE. Dont think you can never love, and you dont have to lustly LOVE. you just have to love and accept and just love everyone in a friendly matter first. You cant force LOVE love, only its word. Anyone can say I LOVE YOU but its only that one person who can truely show it with a simple touch, or look, or smile. A person who knows your every move. You dont have to jump into love so if someone tells you such sweet things, you dont have to LOVElove them for that. you have to love(friendly)them for that knowing they think such sweet things about you, and then go on and love yourself for knowing you have the ability for people to speak those words out to you