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    Friday, January 9, 2009

    The Snow Has A Song All Its Own

    it builds as it echos
    with chains to and fro aimlessly grow
    born by decembers breeze
    -remember that song?

    wow. i just went out and stood in the silent snow, it was beautiful
    and blissful
    and had an energy all its own
    and i never have felt more lonely.

    its a known fact that i always find myself in romantic places
    by myself...
    oh well thats the beauty in being a 17 year old girl

    i wish that pure happiness
    complete peace
    would be easier to find

    but it comes when you need it


    Christina Bagladi said...

    i did that once, it was beautiful. i was in a teeshirt and shorts with my converse, i walked outside to the pond and just stood there while it stormed of snow.

    Lala said...

    once i went to a romantic place with jessica.

    ... yeah.