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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009


    why hello blogspot.
    i have not seen you in a while.
    my time has been taken up
    by a whirlwind of new things.
    im astounded really
    i am a i-dont-need-you, do-it-yourself, independent, lonely
    sort of girl
    and this all broke that
    i know its all new but honestly,
    everyone deserves what i've had these past few days
    every girl deserves to hear these things
    and see them too
    i wish it upon everyone
    worst part is, is that i feel like crying everytime i have to say goodbye
    what is this change in my entire being?

    my heart knew it before my head did:
    october 12th 2008:
    what you gave is mine forever
    you can't take that away
    tonight i traded hyssop and hyacinth
    for nicotine and toxic fog
    close enough to touch
    far enough to make the right decision
    woke up with my head in the stars
    and fell asleep to fiction
    i hope this isnt
    its ringing in my ears
    im giving it all to you

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