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    Friday, January 23, 2009

    these vagabond shoes are longing to stray

    He came in to settle me down
    to tell me to stop crying
    that it was over, and i was ok
    and i knew, but things just sucked.
    He made me look for the song we had been singing together all night
    "in old new york"
    he told me it was the loneliest city ever to be in
    but we sang about it anyways
    and there i sat, still crying
    while the big band swelled
    and Frank came on in all his glory
    he begged me to sing and put his arm around me and rocked back and forth to the beat
    my father can't sing at all, but he did for me
    he smiled through the song and asked me to play it again
    and i started crying
    not because i was upset, but because of the sweetness of the situation
    and i confused the beat of the drums for foot steps
    and i stared at the door in fear
    but i realized i was okay.
    and even after the secrets had been spilled
    i sat in safety rocking to the beat of a city that was not my own
    and everything was ok

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