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    Saturday, September 6, 2008

    jess- i love you.


    we are all a lost puzzle piece
    looking for our place
    if you dont fit into a certain puzzle,
    promise me you won't change your shape

    this is one of the smartest things i have heard in a long time.

    right now i am so confused.
    and really upset.
    i cant believe humans can treat eachother this way.
    what just happened is horrible and im not really sure how to handle it just yet. this is gunna take some thinking.

    offer me jewels
    offer me millions
    ill be tempted
    but i wont take your offer
    dont think i dont see how your vendors are on a string
    brainwashed under your puppetry
    i wont fall for your gilded lifestyle
    you never stayed gold,
    just spraypainted your outsides to look like so
    guilded to perfection...
    and rotting on the inside.

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