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    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    Mommy's Going Away For A Little While

    left behind last night.

    13 hours of sleep
    and i still cant get rid of these dark cicles under my eyes
    maybe its metaphoric that i just cant hide whats going on.

    but maybe it was a good thing.
    went to the hospital last night.
    ive seen to many lately.
    they terrify me.
    detox to retox.
    white halls
    and all the little details are blue...
    music plays when new life begins
    in a place where so often it ends
    or is just restarting
    IV. 2 more than 4.
    6th floor
    and an air bag of fluid. that saves lives.
    5 of them
    i cant take the shaking feeling
    and that i never knew the entire story.
    any of them
    and the nurses either give you the look, the sympathy in their eyes
    or they look right past you because they have seen that face of yours all too often
    everything intertwines here
    heart monitors and cell phones
    old and new life
    you overhear a convorsation
    "but we will keep trying"
    its enough to want to make you run
    and so i did
    and turned back down those white halls
    and left her there, alone
    white bracelet and all

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