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    Friday, September 5, 2008

    we are all elitists

    Fancy Kids.

    we are all mature
    we all want to be loved
    i want.
    to impact.
    the world.
    but i can't.
    do it.

    i love Do You Feel.Video out now:

    wow. its so odd to see all that is going on around you when you take a step back from your own life.
    so much other drama that breaks others worlds and barely skims yours.
    people lose others everyday and get over it
    new relationships are formed everyday
    some only for the benefits that come with it
    and some to last forever, and to become something bigger than the both of them.

    today a friend made me realize im doing a pretty good job with the relationships in my life and judging them. if i cant have the world in my hands, i will at least hold on to all that i can control.

    things might change from here on out.
    but i dont fee that it will,
    maybe for a short while
    but not forever.
    i miss you already, and the process hasn't even started yet
    hey amy whinehouse,
    i'll see you in 60 days.
    love you.
    its unconditional love. despite all that you have done...i have to love you.

    [sometimes you gotta walk in the rain to see just what youre looking for]

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