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    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    If you want to spend your nights cuddling, by a puppy.

    reading this brings me back to center.
    about what i deserve.
    and what every girl deserves.

    Girls. Learn this.
    "The thing about women is, you never have to be granted power, you just take it"
    And about the boys you want:
    make a list of all the reasons why you are worthy to get him- and fully convince yourself of it. Look at the other girls who have found their perfect guys, and realize you can have it too. don't discount yourself.
    i know i know, it gets so frustrating having no one!
    but i promise, patience is redemptive.
    And keep your faith of finding him. faith determines your destiny.
    make sure your faith in love always remains stronger than your mood.
    never compromise your dreams.
    never settle. i learned this over a bag of M&Ms... odd i know.
    but if you settle for a 5 guy, instead of 10. it'll result in a 5 life right? and not the ten you want.
    but i think that in order to get this...ya kinda have to let go of who has hurt you.
    blah blah blah... what if i get hurt?!
    so what, let go if its an unsatisfying relationship. stop looking at what happens if you let go and understand that you can only be better if you let that anchor weighing you down go.
    "but what if i miss him afterwards? what if he misses me?"
    make him miss you. he should miss you. because you are an incredible person. understand this. because the day he looks in your eyes and tells you he doesn't want you anymore, it was his fault he ever let you go.
    and back to him missing you: step back for a while, stop trying. see what happens if you stop vying for his attention.
    "Cut him off, let him miss you"
    because you deserve to be missed. you deserve the world. you deserve someone who will meet you half way. you deserve someone thinking about you every second of the day.

    if after my self-help rant i have left you with nothing but rolling your eyes at me saying "she's just saying this because she has no one"... understand one thing. You deserve your prince charming- ideal- perfect whoever. So don't you forget that. because you're amazing. incredible. wonderful. and you deserve the same.

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    Christina Bagladi said...

    thank you dr. taylor :)
    i think its even better because you have "no one" its easier for taken people to say that because they dont have the burden anymore and they can just pass it down to you.