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    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Flashing Lights

    Its so odd how certain songs and artists being you back to place. i love it

    metro station is my guilty embarassing.

    Kanye West- Graduation: Football Season 07 and a certain ex
    Fall Out Boy- Take This To Your Grave: Freshman.
    Metro Station: Winter + Milwaukee + The Rave
    Vanessa Carlton: Summer Camp
    Cobra Starship- While The City Sleeps: Summer '07 HCT crowd
    The Cab: Alex Marshall adkfakljsdhflkajdhflakdjfhaldkfh<3
    Friday Night Boys: Memphis
    The Hush Sound: Quincy, IL to home
    Death Cab For Cutie- Passengar Seat: Driving Home after falling in love for the first time, and falling apart afterwards
    Calabria: Watching someone run away from home
    Pretty Fly- Offspring: Flying to Colorado with Erin and dancing in airport terminals
    Mayday Parade- Jamie All Over: RMS and STS, bottles hidden under the couch and guitars plugged into amps in a quite basement
    All American Reject- Night Drive: Aragon Ballroom November 2006
    Boys Like Girls- Great Escape: Jumping off a couch and dancing around my basement with my best friend
    Fall Out Boy- Hum Hallelujah: "For all those kids who glow in the dark"x4
    Benny Benassi- Satasfaction: Freshman Homecoming, and the first screamo song i ever heard
    Treaty Of Paris- Waking Up The Dead: December at the Metro, a day that i didn't know would change everything
    Dash The Curry- M.I.A.: Lollapalooza 2007, talking to spin magazine about the experience
    Vampire Weekend- A- Punk: Riding on the train home from the city with my mom realizing that i needed music in my future
    Boys Like Girls- HeroHeroine: Unrequitted Love
    Gym Class Heroes- Clothes Off: Paige
    Panic! At The Disco- Nails For Breakfast: My First FBR sampler, the start of everything.
    The Killers- Mr. Brightside: ExBestFriends(forNEVER)
    Cute Is What We Aim For- Marriage To Millions- Driving during summer
    Metro Station- Kelsey: Learning To Play Piano
    Jacks Mannequinn- Dark Blue: Myspace!
    Pedro The Lion- Indian Summer: Robot Chicken
    The Beatles- Blackbird: Grant
    Five For Fighting- 100 years: Kenny Driving at age 6, corn mazes in Michigan
    Danger Radio- Slow Dance With A Stranger: Crazy crowd at the metro in august with my best friends

    those are only the ones that reminded me of stuff on shuffle for 10 mintues haha.


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