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    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    I Came In Last In The Human Race

    lost my phone!

    damnit i miss my texting.

    soooo anyways
    i know you wont read this...
    ....but seriously screw you.

    who do you think you are
    "i dont care" about your secret show ticket.

    "i dont care" if you got on a tourbus.

    because somewhere along the way you missed what it was about: music.

    and got caught up in the who's who and who you hang with
    "i dont care"
    seriously. never text me or my friends rubbing whatever you are doing in our faces.

    we are not in junior high.

    i understand you have no self esteem and you dont have a wonderful life
    but who does anymore, evveryone has their secrets
    i was more than willing to get along with you
    but then you just had to go all FANGIRL on me.

    so thank you,
    for making me realize my maturity level is miles beyond yours.

    "i dont care" about your privledges
    "i dont care" about your fanclub"i dont care" about you and your secret show
    "i dont care" about your local celebrity status
    i just flat out..."dont care"

    -drop a heart, break a name.
    cause im through with this fucking game.

    (i hated seeing you today, you and your friends. i was so embarassed.)

    missing out sucks.
    missing out without updates sucks worse.
    i seriously feel like i fell off the face of the planet.
    dont forget me ok?

    bad weekend? mhm.
    but one person still makes me happy and lights me up =]

    today i went to the Nike Human Race.
    it was amazing.
    i missed Fall Out Boy and almost cried when i had to leave.
    i might hate my sport, but times i laugh so hard i cant breathe with those girls makes it all good.

    ohh wonderful videos to be uploaded
    and pictures too.

    sitting on my bed.
    playing piano.
    well more like keyboard. whatever

    why does everyone have someone?
    except me?

    ok. emo time over NOW.

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