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    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Automatic eyes/doyouwantmetostay/ doyouwantmetogo

    crazy day.
    3 tests.
    and treated the way no human should treat another.
    where is your pride and dignity?
    you have a whole lifetime on me.
    and still i hold more maturity than you ever will.
    i dont understand.

    on a lighter note.
    i love findind people like me where you dont expect them.

    weekend yay.
    missing DIMMN boo.
    game boo.
    apps boo.
    sleeping in? yay.

    i know our love is new
    i barely know you
    i've fallen over you
    its the way you do the things you do
    taht make me fall in love with you
    dakota, are you in love with me too?
    -A Rocket To The Moon

    <3 love that song.
    dedicated to someone special.

    but to a real dakota.
    rather a kansas.
    Dear kansas,
    your life always was a wreck, one proble after another
    you hide it well
    but now you have nothing more to hide it behind
    because you keep withering away
    until nothing is left
    your own life will need support
    and now shoved out of your home
    too bad you pushed me away
    and we went into our seperate lives
    i would still be there for you
    had you given me the chance
    now all i get is a lonely glance when we pass
    its so sad
    the love we had, a shared place in life
    its odd how we both still share those memories
    but we are so far from eachother now
    and the thrid of us
    just looks at me and smiles with regret and apologetic eyes
    because of the way i was deflected
    and forgotten
    shes sorry.
    i dont know what you are
    i dont know who you are least anymore
    ...or maybe thats only what i believe
    maybe youre stil the same underneath those bones
    cause its all youve got left.

    why hide it, you all know who it is.

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