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    Friday, August 15, 2008

    finding ourselves without losing eachother

    i'm thinking:
    i wish people came with pass codes and invites to be my friend.
    then i could easily sort out who is genuine from those who are not.
    but maybe thats half the fun (these mistakes are just part of the ride)
    a special wink, nod and medallion to know youre in
    because what i've already got is like a VIP club, your waiting along the velvet rope, youre dying to get in...
    but theres still blank spots on the guest list.
    because i'm only half searching anymore and Youre the one who wants in, this time its my choice
    p.s. you wouldnt give it to me, you always have to one up me.
    but heres some news, i just can't beat you, you know it. just admit it.

    and a shoutout: your mouth is writing checks your heart cant cash.

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