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    Friday, August 15, 2008

    is it coincidence or a sign?

    i want to feel like this again, taking chances on truckstops and state lines

    so i am really slacking at this blog.
    we've all fallen to the wayside a bit.
    I hope we don't continue to slide.

    Listening to Fast Times At Barrington High- new The Academy Is... album.
    it's pretty chill
    takes me back to high school...and im not even out?!...huh?
    well...these are the fast times.
    nothing has stuck or stuck out yet
    so far, its good but mediocre.
    Paper Chase is pretty poppy though (meelikey)
    is it just me or does
    His Girl Friday/ Summer Hair kinda sound the same.
    thats ok, i still love you Adam T. Siska.

    So nothing too interesting lately.
    sending a package to faraway place.
    lost in thoughts.
    squeezing every last drop of sun and memories made out of these last few days of summer.
    There will be a big long blog on the last day before school talking about everything.

    for now I'll leave you with someone, by someone i thought i knew:
    I'm cutting corners getting caught up in touch screens
    and no more 'touch me''s
    jumbled, I'm a mess
    caught and tangled in the web
    loosing data between the hard drives of our brains .
    Finding myself again in old worn out records that started everything
    pulling me back the the core
    making me feel the way i used to before my technological addiction
    when obsession and love were one
    when innocence and purity were getting lost in the dark
    and before i ever had you
    oddly enough it feels the same way it did last time
    only this time i can read the weathered lines on your face
    the valleys that are your sunken eyes and cracked cement that is your conscience- because somethings you can't heal- well covered up but scarred none the less

    - young love is ruthless, so learn to fly

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