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    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    diamonds seem like broken glass to me

    went to the mall today.
    Woodfield. How Crazy.
    you see so many different types of people
    and yes I'm guilty of sizing each and every one of them up
    comparing, contrasting, jealous or not.
    Bought some stuff, yay!
    if there is one thing my family believes in, its fashion.
    [this machine kills fashion-ism]
    my dad is so funny to take to the mall because he knows everything about every company, article of clothing, and up and coming fashion.
    I hope he takes me to the magic show one year with him=[

    lucky man, he leaves for Las Vegas (lost wages) in a week to join the ranks of many companies showing what they have, and all the celebrity's show up to The Magic Show, which is the magic fashion business's conventon trade show that they hold every year in Las Vegas.
    Last year Audrey Kitching was there...I'd be so excited to see her.
    and i just hear awesome stories of all the things he gets to see before they come out and all the lines he sees before they get big (i.e. Urban Outfitters, Metro Park, H&M, DEMO) and then tells me about what will be cool in the next year. haha so funny

    (sorry to go off topic) -->sat in an expensive jewelery store for an hour while my dad looked at watches
    "This one is just under 4 thousand, and this one is just under 9 thousand".
    who would ever spend that on something to tell time?!
    hm. maybe its just because things like diamonds and gold and silver don't attract me,
    its whats on this inside of a person that pulls me in.

    so watched this video today
    of fall out boy
    oh how i miss them
    when Patrick showed up on F'n MTV yesterday i screamed like nuts, and watching him and Pete together is like seeing two old friends again.
    Because Pete is all famous now and i hardly ever see Patrick
    i miss them.
    recently i forgot how much they mean to me, and how much of them are in me.
    maybe its because last summer with HCT i got to see them every few days in their videos and saw them 3 times in concert.
    but i do miss them and no matter what, i owe too much to them to ever not like them. maybe one day ill do an entire blog on them.
    but theres so much to be said.

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