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    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Saying Sorry

    Dear Everyone,
    I am sorry that i was in such a bad mood today.
    Im not sure what it is.
    I'm feeling a lot, my head hit the ceiling, and I'm not sure what to call my headache.
    Does anyone even read this?
    I'm thinking how today i felt that i missed someone, and that i wanted to be with someone. and couldn't name anyone in particular.
    How confusing. maybe what i need is to just be alone (even though that's everything I've been trying to avoid)
    tonight i was driving listening to brokencyde, wearing a white oxford button-down, wearing dirty converse, hair not done and wavy.
    Hm. a bit of everything in there.

    I should really delete that entire rant.
    because no one will understand it and im just writing by stream of conscious, but for anyone that reads it, heres a little bit more of me, and a look inside my head.
    Mixed and Jumbly.

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