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    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Tonight the headphones will deliever the words that i cant say

    ....a million miles away.

    oh man, for once.

    people make me happy
    and certain people more than others=]

    i asked. and asked. and asked.
    and got exactly what i wanted.

    be careful what you wish for.

    this year i've made friends all over the country.
    they mean the world to me
    and proved that there are amazing people everywhere

    if you look hard enough, you'll strike gold.
    and if you search deep enough within everyone, you'll find a little of yourself.
    amazing. amazing. amazing.
    Hearts over Money, big hearts are the victors again.
    and oh how sweet.
    "So Much Love In You.
    I'm Amazed that i'm talking to you"

    Some People are just Golden, and i don't throw that word around very often.
    ACtually not at all.
    I only know of 2 people who i have ever called that.

    a certain someone, holds a lot of me currently.
    and i'm hating myself for it.

    Currently Listening To: Goodbye Blues, The Hush Sound: Track 11

    Tomorrow, Cabulosity=]=]=]
    The Cab= LOVE
    Marshmellow, here i come.

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