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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    I'll keep fingers crossed always for you
    i'll hope and wish and pray for you
    but never for you to come back to me,
    only to help you find a cure
    to fight your way out of the dark of this sickness
    i'll bade God himself to fight for you
    only to realize what you've done, and what you've lost
    i'll pray you find your way home
    the one where your heart is, and not where i am
    If the only antedote cannot stop this poison
    let me leave you along my path
    My wish if to only focus on that which is set in gold
    and for none of your combative malignant ways to weigh me down
    i only wish to walk along a path towards a dream
    and to leave you in my dust, never looking back
    whispering a secret prayer for you now and then
    i do not wish to see you again
    i hope you cry at the sight of us walking away
    i can feel this closer than ever
    i will miss you and your nurturing ways
    your support and pride
    but i would gladly push it aside for a chance and sober redemption
    and me to my seperate own

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