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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    i took a chance, i took a fall.

    stealing lines

    I'm proud i am able to put myself on the line.

    and you re perfect, perfectly 1000 miles away.

    "You know I'd walk a thousand miles, if i could just see you, tonight..."

    stupidly falling, for someone who would catch me

    but cant, wants to, but cant...its distance.

    yet succeeds in making me happy, all the time

    Something real, and so far away.

    "before i met you, i used to dream you up and make you up in my mind"

    Maybe, maybe one day.


    You "amaze me, and i would be there holding on for life"

    Currently listening to: Save by The Rocket Summer.

    I'm not feeling touch,
    I'm not making that much,
    And I guess I am blessed,
    But sometimes its just hard to see it,
    or such.

    I'm stuck here alone in the traffic lines,
    While couples in love in the H-O-V fly by,
    I don't get it,
    I'm not asking for much,
    But everybody wants to just have.. something.

    So I'll be picking me up,
    Breaking me down,
    I was lost, was i found?
    I wanna feel everything.
    When everything feels wrong with me.
    Take a look,
    Embrace myself.
    Everybody wantes to make it count.

    Save me,
    Cause I can never float.
    Amaze me,
    And I would be there holding on for life.

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