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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    hey miss sobriety, do you remember me? or how to say my name?

    Sweet Photo Shoot Today!

    the pictures turned out incredible

    miracles happen everyday, you just have to see them.
    in people.
    in things.
    in words they say.
    in events that happen.
    in the good times you have.

    look for one everyday. i found mine for the day:

    IM: [about what i said earlier] this is all you could ever ask from a girl
    for her to see you be happy, and believe in whatever you do
    and i truely care alot about you too. whenever theres a day you need someone, whatever the case, ill be here. or there. or somewhere. but you will always have me because i have taken a part of into my bottomless heart, and it will stay there the rest of my life.

    i am blessed to have such a wonderful person present in my life, i can't say it enough. unrequitted love. in love. to love someone. its all there.
    Heartswell: you will know the definition, and know what it is the second you feel it. This person gives me a heart swell everytime, i say something about all this everyday, but its just because no one can possibly get their heads around how much this all means to me, not even me sometimes.<3

    I'm heading up to Wisconsin tomorrow.
    with 2 old friends.
    i am rather nervous, becaues last time i was with them both, they were cruel to me. but then again i am being forced.

    I am happy to say that clear skies lie ahead, at least for a little bit.

    After Wisconsin


    and to think i have been waiting since fall 2007, near tears of excitement, plannign what i am going to wear for a year, and still dont know.


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    Errka said...

    way to steal my harry potter shoutout... <3