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    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Welcome, to the new Glingo.

    Glingo= Lone Star Girls Lingo= Glingo
    (cant forget the sheriff)

    So, for all of you lost little kittykats who have no idea what all the Glingo is, here it is, spelled out for you.

    Fexpensive= FUCKING EXPENSIVE!
    "that american apparel hoodie is fexpensive!"

    Song Binging= the act of listening to a song over and over and over
    "Omg. I am so Song Binging What A Catch, Donnie by FOB right now"

    Tag Hag= When someone is obsessed with a certain clothing label and has most of the items in the store
    "Jamie is such an american apparel tag hag!"
    (haha love you jamie=])

    You Forgot Poland= What you say to someone when you want to one up them after you have totally just been pwned.
    "Hey Rac, You Forgot Poland"

    Chawch=an asshole/douchebag
    "Dude, stop being such a cawch to her"

    faja= another, nicer, word for fuck

    "wanna go downtown this weekend with the LSGs?"

    Fittie=a very hot man
    "Alex Marshall is a fittie FOSH!"

    Thumb Me=Text me
    "Thumb me when you get home tonight so we can listen to the new Paramore single together"

    Sando= Sandwhich
    "Want a sando from potbellys or a burrito from Qdoba?"

    Williams=Dollar Bills
    "how many williams do you have?"
    "about 20 bucks"

    " i Bet if we hang out in the back of the venue we can totally run into the cute drummer from the opening band!"
    "OMG! you're so jeanz!"

    Shefted= A noun, adjective or verb in place of any word you want; i.e. Durf, Santi
    "...he totally just got shefted"

    Biffs=That Blows
    "The show is sold out! ugh...this biffs"

    Rac-ed= Rocked, pwned
    "Jessica just ate it while getting on the train"

    T.k.ked= stole, gangked
    "I T.k.ked that wallet from Urban Outfitters"

    ILML="illmill" I love my life
    "i got the you asking for a KyKy sando from the Ed Debevics waitress on tape"
    "yes! qual as ever...ILML!"

    p.s. LSGs add "z" to the end of everything and also... we Abrev Ev

    oh my gatz.
    i lovez us.


    Sam Ash said...

    thanks for this.

    ahahaha "i t.k.ked that wallet from urban outfitters"
    and she's never going to use it again.

    DoYouFeel said...

    you forgot biffy= bathroom
    but otherwise...qual work!

    Lala said...

    AH i LOVE this. I will study it thoroughly :)