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    Wednesday, October 1, 2008


    not a waterfall.
    keep saying it to yourself.
    not a waterfall.
    my nerves stretch
    from here to california
    taught and high strung
    and you've just made the wires snap
    sending backlash across the country
    there is a mother fucking reason i never trusted you
    i really was holding my breath
    and the black holes in my vision
    blinded me from seeing you will never change
    and i keep believing you will
    my insides know better
    they whisper, dont do it, dont believe
    and send a feeling through my gut
    but oh no
    my head is in it for the love, and said you can, you can
    but you cant, you wont
    i so badly want to say hate.
    but i cant
    because i dont hate
    just hurt
    very hurt

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