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    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    a ring, a promise, never ending, like the circle that intertwines us

    like springs flower
    ill bloom again
    and prove myself
    if you'll let me,
    just let me in

    I just hope you know
    im here to pullyou through
    a rope in the sea
    a hand to pullyou to light
    i hope you know.
    the world isnt right, it took us long enough to figure out
    that adults arent perfect
    sometimes we see this now that were older
    friends arent perfect
    but then again no one ever taught us they were
    but im holding on, and holding up for you
    ive given you my all
    and i wont stop
    this is forever
    its my promise
    the only one i will never break
    your base you stand on, a shoulder to help carry the world
    to get your back
    to tell you the truth
    to never back down
    when the ones who arent supposed to back out,

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