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    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    s i x t w o t h r e e f o l e e

    hearing things i have been told my whole life
    and so confused
    is this really the way i come across to you?
    i am the example i hate
    the perfect example of a hidden life
    "i cant talk to her, you just dont go up and talk to girls like that"
    but why not?
    you have no idea i'm more l like you on the inside that i will ever be like them on the outside
    you might never see...
    ... but i found a drug
    to replicate the way i felt in your wake
    even if it made my body numb to all else they way you did
    it still didn't fill up my head like an old pool and make me swim how you did
    its you that i'm for
    more than one of you actually
    holding on spinning in my head
    its been so long since i've worn this face
    maybe its the loss of warm weather that brings it
    i had lost these worry lines so long before the summer sun hit junes moon

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