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    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    I'll turn the clock...

    time never loved us
    nor did it ever allow is
    a minute behind, or an hour too fast.
    it was never distance separating us
    but our lack of talent and luck of timelines
    i'm so sorry a minute makes me miss you
    and i'm sorry you never did
    you took my picture off the shelf
    and hid me in a drawer
    because you couldn't stand my face smiling at you anymore
    but thats ok because i wont waste my ink and paper on you anymore
    good to know that when the clock struck 12 and all the numbers in the world changed, i was the 2nd person you called-for a connection to someone else
    the underlying pulse of your intentions makes me feel reassured
    pulse to heart to beat to rhythem to the music in my head to notes to words to the ones i said to you to the ones you threw back at me that made my heart skip a beat to stop the pulse
    -Dec. '07

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