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    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Holding out for a hero with wings

    I'm walking down a pitch black hall
    feeling my way home
    it's the way i've chosen to go, through the dark
    its because i live in my head,
    i fell short of seeing the truth
    tonight we all retreat into our separate entities
    light seeping through closed doors-
    press your ear against the wall and try to decipher secrets on the other side
    your brilliant beauties make me want to write myself into a corner with no way out-
    in ink- so i won't forget it
    i envy your clandestine lifestyle
    i want to be you, with my same dreadfully poetic thoughts
    ill trade your broken eardrums for shattered glass on the high way
    and sunken eyes for a worn out pen
    id trade that gleam in your eye for the spark of revenge in mine
    it kills me to see you there
    you should be mine just like i had dreamed
    you see she is perfection-
    i am seeing stars and black holes in my vision from holding my breath for you.
    i should've learned the first time
    - The First Real Boy
    Winter '07/'08

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