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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    I Know A Fittie When I See One...

    you can't have your motherfucking cake and eat it too.

    loyalty is a moral i take very seriously.
    i wont give it up.
    not on you, not on me, not on them.
    i love you.
    you know it.
    now understand it.

    i love the movie angus thongs and perfect snogging.
    and the books.
    oooh robbie sure is a fittie.
    mm mm
    and dave the laugh
    and tom
    ugh. british boys
    ive for gotten the lingo of britian-a-go-go land.
    i cannot wait for the next Georgia book to come out.
    what is to become of masimo and dave?!
    and will wet lindsay ever get her dim naff bottom out of Gi's life?
    hm. at least she still acts like a looney thing on looney tablets.
    buti often find myself in the same place as her:
    a) in the cake shop of love with no cakes
    b) in the cake shop of love with 2+ cakes
    oh georgia im so glad we can see eye to eye.

    for now my chummyly chumlets, i leave you with confusinosity of my lingo.

    of course you will get this if you have read the books.
    im such a cheeky monkey.

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