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    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Clinton Sparks.- turn on your speakers.

    screw you and your mixtape propaganda.
    stop, only the lake effect kids earned it.

    yay its tuesday.
    i have time to do...nothing!
    ahh what i relief.
    heres what i do in my free time:

    ahh yes, me time.

    now that school has started, it seems i have lost all things interseting that can happen in a day.
    except for that today in light of the new CFOB mixtape, while talking abotu parts of trees in Biology class, Jessica screamed "HEH STUMP!"...we couldnt stop laughing for 10 minutes.
    Other than that...i collected bugs for bio specimen.
    ew gross.
    1 bee
    1 wasp
    1 moth
    1 spide
    4 ants
    1 chinese beetle


    oh TAI tv...oh how i love you.

    p.s. as much as i am a lake effect kid, i think its a new way to market. watch the OCKs become LEKs.
    why cant anyone just leave it as it is?
    one pure song, for the kids who run on bass vibrations and the skyline
    and the night lights of the sears tower pump your heart, and our viens.
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