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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    What do you say we leave for California?

    i sit and watch the snow slide down my car window and wonder how you're doing
    with the sun and the sea
    i hope your heart is warm like California
    because it is bitter cold in Chicago
    Cold shivers run down my spine and it reminds me of how your hand felt in mine
    cold all the time on my part
    now i wish i could take it all back
    but i cant so I'll watch you and fake a smile for your sake
    i would never put you through the whirlwind that was me again
    because i care that much
    it's quite lonely sitting int he dark, watching the snow
    i know the waves are crashing on your ears now and you watch the sun sink down into them
    it's already dark here
    and I'm looking at the sky thinking about how you were looking at the same one
    California dreaming and big city nightmares
    cars rush by and wake me up
    the warm breeze lulls you to sleep
    sleep well my pacific baby
    hush now, nothing can go wrong along the jetties
    no street signs telling you when to go and stop
    you dance to the beat in your head
    you've left foot prints in the sand
    and i disappear among the million passerby's in my concrete jungle

    to my sister- hang in there baby.

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