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    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    "Ill think of you when im on my honeymoon!"


    so we get on the train...and i have never ever seen the train that packed...EVER!

    me and alanna and jess got smashed between a bachelor party and stoner kids.

    yay. the bachelor party was a RIOT! though, talking to alanna about their professions, drinking from their hip flasks, all while joking with their 90 year old father about being high and dreaming of alanna on their honeymoon. AWK!

    then we got there, and hauled ass to get to HOB.

    BUT NOT WITHOUT A STOP AT 711 FOR DANS ROCKSTAR!...he is addicted, and can't help it.

    security there is a bitch.

    we get there and first person i see is my buddy Kyle Dee.

    the love i have for him is endless, what a sweet kid.

    and THE RAC. <3

    i loved hanging with my favorite kids<3
    they make me love life. and appreciate everything and everyone i have.
    they are incredible friends.
    in the pit, out of the pit, getting punched, getting trash talked, sweating, walking, running...we do it all. and i would do any of it for them, they all mean the world to me.
    and i have to say...HAVE THE GREATEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

    shout out to my ever growing brat pack... aka The Fam