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    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    I don't want to be alone...

    Home From Hell!

    i must say that camp is one of the most dificult things you will ever do mentally. i know it sounds like a complete JOKE. But all day in a room of 400 screaming girls, all giving you dirty looks, talking about your team and your skills, and your teaming getting frustrated and screaming and bitching at eachother you have to find peace within yourself to keep trying and pushing on. Its also hard to watch some give up on you...and to find it in yourself to keep going.

    best part of camp?
    face planting and totally eating it.
    i have the scrapes to prove it.

    now im home=]

    went to another show at house of blues tonight with my FAVVVSSS
    got to hang with kyle dee<3
    and my crack is smelly (aka: The Rac, M. Sleeze, Mike Racanelli)

    pretty fun=]
    we saw some good sights tonight:
    the city at night
    ABC news
    State Street
    Crazy Chicago People at night
    Hot Azn Buns
    stoners on a train

    and god forgive me, i stole from the house of blues...a guitar pick. oops

    well thats all i have for you.
    except for a little picture from our game on the train:
    fit who you love in 8 blanks on your KNUCKS!

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