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    Monday, April 26, 2010

    The truth is i feel stuck.
    The truth is I just want to do something drastic.
    Cut me, dye me, pierce me, move me, run with me.
    I have friends all over the world. One in Africa, two in Paris, one in Spain, one in Germany and many all over the U.S.
    I look out my window and I see the same skyline I've looked at all of my life
    And I am starting to take it for granted
    I just want to run and leave this place
    I want to see things everywhere and experience things from other places
    Give me adventure, composure, stability, anything but here
    I am so happy
    But the truth is I was never meant to be so stuck in one place
    I've always been on the run
    I cannot sit in one place for very long
    show me the world, please.
    I am not sure if this is my attempt to run from possible failure
    or just a girl itching to run from her own skin
    But i am ready to get out and go
    I am afraid it is all fleeting
    so go ahead and miss me
    because you'll soon just be looking at my back and my ship sails into the sunset
    fingers crossed to chase the sun around the world
    We'll always be looking at the same moon
    but for now i need change
    location, destination, reverberation, contemplation
    I'm out
    There she goes

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